Display Assembly for Surface Go Replacement in Dubai



Display Assembly for Surface Go Replacement in Dubai

Touch Screen Digitizer Panel LED Display Assembly for Microsoft Surface Go 1824 10 inch Replacement in Dubai


Display Assembly Surface Go

  • Brand:                                 Microsoft Surface
  • Size:                                    10”
  • Type:                                   LED
  • Condition:                          New
  • Commodity:                       Surface
  • Resolution:                        1200 x 1800 pixels, 216 PPI
  • Technology:                       Touch
  • Category:                            Surface LCD Screens
  • Dead Pixel Policy:             In Accordance with ISO 13406-2 norm
  • Source:                                Factory Direct
  • Compatibility:                   101% OEM Compatible
  • Technology:                       Capacitive, Multi-touch
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This Surface Go replacement screen incorporates each of the little parts preinstalled in the get-together, saving time and expanding the nature of your repair.

Replace a broken or blurry front screen or flickering display on your Surface Go. This display assembly will reestablish the presence of your front screen, reestablish touch work, and take out the dead pixels or shaking on a maturing display.


Surface Screen Related Services we Provide

  • Clicking, other mouse actions, and typing all work.
  • Surface Go screen broken
  • Surface Go Screen damage
  • Surface Go Screen out of warranty Repair
  • Surface Go Screen bulging
  • Surface Go Screen ghosting
  • Surface Go Screen flicker fix
  • Surface Go Screen flickering
  • Surface Go Screen lifting
  • Surface Go Screen is scrambled
  • Surface Go touchscreen doesn’t work
  • Touch doesn’t respond on part or all of the screen
  • Multi-touch gestures don’t work or touch is inaccurate
  • Touch is slow to respond
  • Your surface experiences “phantom” touches
  • bubbling, blemishes, and other physical issues.
  • Surface stuck on the blue / black screen


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