Display Assembly for Surface Pro 5/6 Replacement in Dubai

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Display Assembly for Surface Pro 5/6 Replacement in Dubai

Touch Screen Digitizer Panel LED Display Assembly for Microsoft Surface Pro 5/6 1796 lp123wq1 (SP) (A2) 12.3” Replacement in Dubai


Display Assembly Surface Pro 5/6

  • Brand:                                 Microsoft Surface
  • Size:                                    12.3
  • Dimension:                       9.5 x 5.5
  • Type:                                   LED
  • Condition:                          New
  • Commodity:                       Surface
  • Resolution:                        267 PPI
  • Technology:                       Touch
  • Category:                            Surface LCD Screens
  • Dead Pixel Policy:           In Accordance with ISO 13406-2 norm
  • Source:                                Factory Direct
  • Compatibility:                   101% OEM Compatible
  • Compatible Model:           Surface Pro 4 1724
  • Technology:                       Touch
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This Surface Pro 5/6 replacement screen incorporates each of the little parts preinstalled in the get-together, saving time and expanding the nature of your repair.

Replace a broken or blurry front screen or flickering display on your Surface Pro 5/6. This display assembly will reestablish the presence of your front screen, reestablish touch work, and take out the dead pixels or shaking on a maturing display.


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  • Touch doesn’t respond on part or all of the screen
  • Multi-touch gestures don’t work or touch is inaccurate
  • Touch is slow to respond
  • Your surface experiences “phantom” touches
  • bubbling, blemishes, and other physical issues.
  • Surface stuck on the blue / black screen


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