Microsoft Surface B2B Repair Services in UAE

B2B Surface Repair Services in Dubai 

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Business to Business Microsoft Surface Repair UAE

Surface Pro 4

Surface Go

Surface Pro 5/6

Surface Laptop 2/3/4

Surface Pro 7/7+

Surface Laptop Go/SE

Surface Pro 8/9

Surface Book 1/2/3

Surface Pro X

Surface Studio 1/2

B2B Surface Pro Repair Services in Dubai

We have been repairing Microsoft Surface devices for our other business partners for more than 13 years. We proudly offer discounted and affordable rates for complex repair. We provide B2B Surface repair services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and deal with all Microsoft Surface models. 


Surface Screen Replacement

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We repair/replace out-of-warranty and damaged Microsoft Surface Screen in B2B repair service. If your surface device has a blank, cracked screen, accidental damage, broken screen, no display or any type of other display issues, our certified experts are always ready to fix your surface-related issues on the same day.

Surface Keyboard Not Working

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Our certified experts provide quick solutions of your any issue in surface keyboard and repair their damaged device at the short interval of time.

Fix hardware and software issues

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In B2B repair service our highly qualified staff will eliminate your everyday hardware troubles or software update issues and fix them on the same day. We deal with any type of issue and all surface models.

Surface Water Damage Repair

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If your Microsoft Surface water damage during your work and a lot of data in it, we will repair and replace it with original OEM parts with discounted rates.

Surface Motherboard Repair

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We provide Microsoft Surface chip-level motherboard repairing or replacement services by our expert technicians at discounted rates.

Surface Pro Not Charging

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If Microsoft Surface doesn’t charge or does not charge to 100% capacity or the charging port is broken, our certified staff will repair your device instant. 

Surface Battery Replacement

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If Surface Pro battery issues and your device not turning on you can contact us our technicians are always ready to fix this issue. If your Microsoft surface charging issues, Microsoft surface laptop battery not charging, surface pro battery drain while off. Trusted Surface Battery Repair/ Replacement in Dubai, Get fixed surface Pro Battery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.


Surface Powering on and off issue

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If your Microsoft Surface device continuously powers on-off or is stuck in booting in this case, you must force shutdown your device and contact us we will repair your surface device on the same day. Contact us now.

Surface Hard Disk Recovery

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We Proudly offer affordable prices for Surface hard disk recovery, Surface Data Recovery and backup. Our experts will recover your surface data within a short interval of time.

Instant software downloads

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Our certified staff will update your surface device with the latest software updates. It will help students for a better education.

FREE Diagnoses, Repair & Upgrade

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In B2B, we are giving FREE analysis, Pickup and Delivery Services in Dubai on Microsoft Surface repair and surface book SSD upgrade services at the same day.

Virus and Malware Removal

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Although Microsoft Surface provides free diagnosing for viruses and malware tools, despite this our staff will detect that viruses which can’t properly detect and removed from surface device and remove that harmful material to prevent from study data loss.

Satisfaction Guaranteed MSP

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our more than 13 years of experienced and certified staff is providing B2B Surface repair Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. We proudly offer affordable rates on all Microsoft Surface devices. Reach out to Us Today!



B2B Repair


  • Same Day Repair Services
  • Original OEM Parts
  • Experienced and Certified Staff
  • Surface Data Recovery & Backup
  • Discounted rates at a repair cost
  • Wifi and Bluetooth repair


B 2 B Repair MSP

B2b Surface repair Services Dubai

We Provide Excellent Repair Solutions to our other Business Partners in Dubai



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